In high-tech world, real estate knowledge still key

Dale Beede
Dale Beede

The world is awash in new technology, and the real estate industry is no exception. How did we ever sell and lease real estate before cell phones?

We performed those same functions, although a bit slower. We met face-to-face with clients more regularly than we do today. And then we thought fax machines were the epitome of ease in communication. We had no idea what changes would occur over the next 20 years and how businesses would operate today.

The modern real estate company advertises listings worldwide through various media with just the push of a button. Google Earth helps retail site selectors review potential locations from their offices before ever making trips to further their decision-making process.

Property managers purchase management software that allows them to communicate with both landlords and tenants, order maintenance work to be completed on managed properties, deliver monthly accounting of income and costs to landlords and handle credit card payments for rent collection.

Your Realtor could be reviewing e-mails from afar and delivering purchase contracts to you online using their cell phones. Today’s technology allows real estate professionals to conduct business from anywhere on the earth where cell phone coverage is available.

All of this new technology has the ability to help us do our jobs more proficiently and potentially more quickly. But technology also has the ability to expose the professional knowledge — or lack thereof — of the person using this technology.

Real estate sales and leasing is still a business of professionals, many of whom were mentored by those before them who taught them the ropes in writing sound contracts, negotiating leases and avoiding common pitfalls in the listing to selling process. It’s this personal touch and the accumulation of knowledge in the real estate business that helps ensure the buying and selling public they’re making the correct decisions in their real estate transactions.

Yes, technology is a wonderful thing. But working with a knowledgeable Realtor could be the most important part  of all in the real estate process. See how new technology combined with personal knowledge can benefit you.