I’ve got good reason to love the season

Phil Castle

I suspect I’m no different than any other child who grew up believing Christmas was the holiday around which the entire kid year revolved. Better than Halloween. Better even than birthdays.

What’s not to love? The festive decorations. The family gatherings. The food. And, of course, the pile of presents under the tree. Even the agonizing wait for Christmas morning was worth enduring because of the joyous discoveries I knew awaited me. It was magical. 

I still remember a Christmas Eve when I was maybe 5.

I was snuggled into bed, but way too excited to sleep. Suddenly, there was a loud thump on the roof above my bedroom as if a heavy object landed there. A sleigh perhaps? I squeezed shut eyes as big as saucers, fearful even a furtive glimpse of Santa outside my window would send him away before he delivered the goods. I concede the possibility it wasn’t Santa. I remain convinced otherwise.

I’ve lived nearly three score years since then. I’m almost fossilized at this point. I suppose I don’t qualify as a kid anymore. I’d like to believe, though, I’m at least young at heart. One way or the other, I still love Christmas. Just for different reasons.

Don’t get me wrong. I like presents. But I’m more grateful these days for the love and thoughtfulness behind gifts. Presented the choice, I’d rather give than receive. It’s more fun.

Above all, I love Christmas for the opportunity the holiday affords to reflect on the best gifts of all — relationships. That includes family, friends and significant others of all sorts. But that also includes those with whom it’s a privilege to work. 

As editor of a business journal, I’m blessed to work with a lot of people.
A lot. Get this: I actually get paid to meet people, learn about their endeavors and tell their stories. That’s a tremendous gift right there. 

Print journalism with real print — and real journalism, I’d assert — constitutes a team sport. That includes everyone from my boss, Craig Hall, to those dedicated folks who build ads, print the paper and maintain the website.

I consider myself especially fortunate as an editor to work with columnists who generously share their time and talents. I swear there are times when I’m almost giddy at the prospect of sharing their advice. It’s that good.

None of it would be possible, though, were it not for the businesses and organizations that advertise in the Business Times. Your support has never been more important — or, for that matter, more appreciated.

The most important people of all involved in this process are readers.
Those who carve time out of busy schedules to read what appears on pages and the website. You remain the reason I do what I do. 

Happy Christmas to all. God bless us, every one.

Phil Castle is editor of the Business Times. Reach him at 424-5133 or phil@thebusinesstimes.com.