LinkedIn offers resources

Michelle Olson
Michelle Olson

Are you using LinkedIn? If not, you could be missing out on an incredible opportunity for networking, recruiting, job positing and branding yourself and business.

Since moving to Grand Junction two years ago from Denver, I’ve been surprised at how little LinkedIn is used.  As a recruiter and case manager helping veterans and their spouses find jobs, LinkedIn is a major player and educational tool in finding professional positions for clients. The possibilities are amazing.

It’s common nowadays for employers to Google you if you apply for a job. More than 80 percent of recruiters and hiring managers admit to this practice. What will it show? If you have a LinkedIn account, chances are it will show up first in the search. It’s better to have a professional representation of you appear first instead of such personal social media accounts as Facebook and Instagram. It’s best to not have things about yourself that could raise a warning flag about you, even if it’s as simple as showing you have children.

As a business owner, are you looking for a great, free way to showcase your business to others and potential workers? Try LinkedIn. Moreover, LinkedIn offers great recruiting options and analytics. LinkedIn members can follow your business and remain in the know with news, postings and your vision.

Want to network and join in discussions with others in your line of work? Join a group on LinkedIn. As a human resource professional, I’m on the Western Colorado Human Resource Association and Society of Human Resource Management groups and many more. I connect and learn from the best in the industry through LinkedIn groups.

What could this do for the Grand Junction area? Increased visibility for prospective companies, employers for our work force, tourism and much more.

Need assistance with your LinkedIn page? Connect with me on LinkedIn or attend a free class scheduled for May 4 at the Mesa County Workforce Center located at 512 29 1/2 Road in Grand Junction. Call 248-7560 to sign up.