Ready to feel better? Cut out refined sugars

Whitney Roseberry
Whitney Roseberry

Feeling tired and depressed? Do you suffer from high cholesterol? Are you sick of getting sick? Want to maximize weight loss and balance your hormones?

The most beneficial lifestyle change we can do for our bodies and long-term well-being is to discontinue eating refined sugars and grains. Refined sugars throw our bodies into an immune-suppressed, non-working state of chronic fatigue, depression and hormonal imbalance. Let’s get off the blood sugar roller coaster.

On average, every American consumes 28 teaspoons of sugar a day, wreaking havoc on hormones and causing inflammation. Refined sugars suppress our immune system by half for five hours after eating them. Every disease process starts with inflammation. With 60 percent to 80 percent of our immune system being in our gut — stomach and intestines — it’s imperative to cut out eating the refined sugars for our overall health.

Cutting out sugars and grains can seem daunting, dissatisfying and impossible. There are many methods we can use to help us overcome this obstacle without feeling deprived and unsatisfied.

To start this lifestyle change, we first must change our thoughts about how we eat. Most of us live to eat. Instead, let’s start eating to live. When we want to live healthy, satisfied and vibrant lives, we must quit just thinking about food as a party in our mouths. Food can be delicious without adding all the extra sugar. We just have to retrain ourselves. Since there are nearly 300 artificial sweeteners loaded in our foods that our bodies don’t know how to process, our healthiest option is to replace refined sugars with stevia, xylitol or fruit.

If replacing refined sugars with these sweet options isn’t quite satisfying enough, my very favorite option is to drink a shot of water with 1 teaspon of L-glutamine powder stirred in. This will curb the craving almost instantly, allowing us to choose such healthier options as healthy fats, proteins or veggies. L-glutamine, one of the essential amino acids in a protein, is simply a natural supplement you can purchase at most health food stores. Stay consistent and continue with it, and it does get easier to stay away from those sugars.

Eventually you’ll be rid of refined sugar and equipped to reach your healthy weight, vitality and sick-free goals. I wish happiness and health to all of you on your nutritional journey.