State tax credits available to match your investments

Mike Foster

If you’re a commercial property owner or tenant, obtain a map from the Business Incubator Center or Mesa County to determine if your location is in a state-designated enterprise zone.

You can also use the GJ Incubator EZ Map webpage at to determine of your property address lies within an enterprise zone.

Tax Credit Graphic

If your location does fall in an enterprise zone and you plan on making investments in additional staffing, commercial vehicles, equipment, health insurance programs, research and development or renovation of a vacant building, state tax credits could be available.

Additional information about enterprise zones and tax credits is available from Kjersti Hudson, the Mesa County enterprise zone administrator at the Business Incubator Center, at 243-5242.

Each tax year, businesses must earn pre-certification prior to performing an activity that earns a business tax credit. At the end of the tax year, a business must be certified for the activities that were performed. Pre-certification and certification may be requested online at