These summer jobs offer not only paychecks, but training

Phil Castle
Phil Castle

Phil Castle, The Business Times

High school and college students hired for summer jobs at Action Publishing in Grand Junction receive more than paychecks. They also receive training in such life skills as collaboration, communication and time management.

The effort makes sense for a company that manufactures day planners, calendars and other products promoting the same skills, said Tauna Dean, who handles human resources and finances for Action Publishing.

The effort also helps to improve productivity, Dean said.

Action Publishing hires teen-agers and young adults to work during its busy summer production season in assembling day planners and other materials sold to schools that must be completed before classes resume, Dean said. Seasonal workers are hired in waves as staffing grows to about 60 at the peak of the season.

Along with practical training to do their jobs, summer employees also receive training in six life skills, Dean said: collaboration, communication, critical thinking, information literacy, initiative and time management.

Employees who demonstrate those skills receive raffle tickets and opportunities to win prizes. The system not only fosters a culture that acknowledges and rewards engagement, but also friendly competition among employees to win the most tickets, Dean said.

The end result, she said, is a more productive work force at Action Publishing and, ultimately, other businesses were the employees work, Dean said. “It makes them more self-sufficient. They make better choices.”