Training fosters genius at work

Phil Castle, The Business Times

L. Michael Hall
L. Michael Hall

L. Michael Hall believes business owners and managers who want to become more effective leaders must first learn how to master their own thoughts and actions.

“You can’t lead others if you can’t lead yourself,” said Hall, a Grand Valley psychologist who’s developed models and training systems as well as written numerous books about achieving success in business and a variety of other pursuits.

That’s why Hall hopes business people will take advantage of a training program coming to Grand Junction in July.

While the program is designed to train coaches who help others, the program also will train business people how to apply the same principals to their own lives and ventures, he said.

The program is one of two sessions in Grand Junction that Hall expects to attract a group of mostly international coaches. While the second session offers a week-long immersion into coaching and professional development, the first session offers entry level training, Hall said.

The training is designed to help people learn how to access what Hall calls their personal genius — an optimal state in which people are in the “flow” or “in the zone,” he said.

It’s a question of creating the right frames of mind that affect thinking and emotions and, in turn, behaviors and actions.

The process of self-leadership starts, Hall said, when people claim their power and no longer consider themselves victims. They develop a strong sense of self-acceptance and self-esteem. They learn to take charge of their beliefs, suspending those that limit then and developing those that empower them.

One of the results, Hall said, is developing a sense of clarity and direction and then taking action on that knowledge.

Business leaders who go through the process inspire employees who in turn perform better, creating more enjoyable and productive work environments and more profitable operations.

Hall said the training session also will include time with Marcus Straub, a Grand Junction coach and consultant who has developed a successful practice in helping businesses and individuals. Participants will  be encouraged to talk to Straub about his experiences and learn how to improve their own ventures.

Hall developed his models and training methods over the course of his career as a psychologist and cognitive psychotherapist. His work is based on neuro-linguistic programming and the connections between the neurological processes, language and behavioral patterns learned through experience. The approach examines how to model and replicate the prerequisites and strategies of successful people.

Hall developed Neuro-Semantics, which focuses on creating meanings that enable improved performance, and what he calls Meta-States, his term for higher states of mind that comprise attitudes.

More than 2,000 coaches worldwide now use Hall’s techniques in conducting hundreds of training sessions each year.

The Grand Junction session offers local business people an opportunity to receive training without traveling, he said.


A training session on accessing personal genius is set for July 1 to 3 at the Country Inns of America, 718 Horizon Drive in Grand Junction. Admission is $550. For reservations or more information, visit or e-mail to