Unique venture cares for patients outside and in

Vicki Filz, left, and Christi Vogt expect to attract patients to Shape Medical Center in Grand Junction by offering a unique combination that includes not only cosmetic skin treatments, but also stroke and heart attack prevention and educational services. (Business Times photo by Phil Castle)

Phil Castle, The Business Times

Vicki Filz and Christi Vogt know beauty is more than skin deep.

That’s why the two have opened a unique venture that cares for the outsides and insides of their patients, offering not only a range of cosmetic skin treatments, but also stroke and heart attack prevention and education services. They also offer consulting about diet and nutrition.

The goal, Filz and Vogt said, is to help patients look better and more youthful — and feel that way. “We want to improve their health,” Filz said.

Filz and Vogt opened Shape Medical Center in Grand Junction in March.

They bring to the venture a combined 30 years of experience in cosmetic dermatology and aesthetics as well as additional training in stroke, heart attack and diabetes prevention.

Filz draws on her experience in injectable and laser skin treatments and minor dermatological procedures. She’s an advanced nurse practitioner with a post master’s degree in dermatology.

Vogt is a licensed medical esthetician and certified laser specialist with advanced training in chemical peels and laser and radio frequency skin treatments. She’s also certified in plant-based, whole food nutrition.

Filz is certified in the Bale and Doneen method of heart attack, stroke and diabetes prevention. Both Filz and Vogt have been training with Vogt’s father, a doctor who operates a heart attack, stroke and diabetes prevention center in Glenwood Springs.

While cosmetic dermatology and stroke and heart attack prevention might seem like unrelated endeavors, there are many connections between outward appearances and internal functions. For example, many skin problems can be traced to various types of inflammations, Filz said.

Added Vogt: “The crossover is amazing.”

Filz and Vogt said they take a holistic approach in thoroughly evaluating their patients and then developing a treatment and counseling plan tailored to their needs and goals. Initial appointments last two hours.

Cosmetic dermatology procedures include everything from botox injections to chemical peels to laser treatments. A variety of corrective skin care products also are available.

An ultrasound scan that measures the thickness of the inner layers of the carotid arteries in the neck and a blood draw check for plague buildup and elevated cholesterol levels considered risk factors for heart attacks and strokes.

Vogt said the tests are important because cardiovascular disease has become the leading cause of death in the United States. For some patients, a heart attack or stroke is the first symptom of which they’re aware.

When tests detect potential problems, Shape Medical Center alerts a patient’s primary health care provider. The center doesn’t replace a primary provider, Vogt said, but works with a provider to address problems — providing nutritional counseling, for example.

While Shape Medical Center is unique in caring for both the outside and inside of patients, Filz and Vogt said they expect their approach to make a difference not only for their operation, but also their patients.


Shape Medical Center operates offices at 525 North Ave. in Grand Junction. For more information, call 549-1175 or visit the website at www.shapemedicalcenter.com.