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Marcus Straub owns Life is Great! Inc. in Grand Junction. His personalized coaching and consulting services help individuals, business owners, executives and companies build teams, organizations and lives that are filled with happiness and success. He is the winner of the 2011 International Coach of the Year Award, and is also the author of “Is It Fun Being You?.” He is available for free consultations regarding coaching, speaking and trainings. Reach Straub by phone at 208-3150, by e-mail at or on the website at

Will you enhance your team’s capabilities in 2017?

Individual capability expands, contracts or remains static depending on whether or not it receives the stimulation needed to grow and develop. “I’m in a rut” is a phrase born of languishing potential. Owners, team members and companies get in ruts, too, and this must be overcome if they’re to expand their capabilities. The way out […]

How do your customers feel about your business?

No doubt you can recall some experiences as a consumer that left you with good, if not a great, feelings about a business. The value you received endeared you to the company, creating loyalty and repeat business. The money and time you spent was well worth it and you walked away with a positive, satisfied […]

Do professional issues sabotage your personal life?

In my previous column, I elaborated on several potential negative side effects associated with bringing personal baggage to work. I described the fall even long-term top performers experience when they’re unable to effectively manage personal issues in the workplace. I also explored the domino effect these uncontrolled issues can have on fellow team members, customers […]

Do personal issues inhibit professional performance?

Business owners, managers and anyone else in leadership roles exert the largest influence — positive or negative — in the workplace. Team members look to these individuals for direction and guidance. When leaders become lost in their own personal issues or are unable to separate from them on the job, teams are affected to some […]

Attention to the basics breeds business success

One of the biggest differences between creating raving fans out of your customers or not is getting the multitude of basic things right on a consistent basis. Just a moment of reflection on your own experiences will reveal your favorite businesses — the ones you frequent often and enthusiastically tell others about — are those […]

Just one “bad apple” can hurt your business culture

You’ve likely heard the saying, “Hire for skills and fire for attitude.” Simply put, this means bad attitudes far outweigh the skills people bring to their positions. Failing to take action puts companies at risk. The typical business has a number of skilled team members, many with decent and even great attitudes. These individuals come […]

Do you invest in your team’s growth and development?

All staffs are comprised of people with varying levels of knowledge, skills and attitudes. As the team goes, so goes the business. For any company to grow and generate success for everyone involved, its people must also grow and develop their potential. When personal and professional growth and development is lacking, people become limited by […]

Could your business use some purpose?

A shared purpose constitutes a powerful starting point to a more enlivened, satisfying and successful business operation. Purpose is not what a company does or even how it does it. A clearly defined purpose is a statement of why a company and its team do what they do day in and day out. It’s their […]

Have you mastered the art of delegation?

A critical step in creating greater happiness and success in business is learning to delegate effectively so everyone involved is empowered to do more and be more. As a business owner, you have two options: Have you merely created a job for yourself or are you truly leading your company? There’s a distinct difference. In […]

How smoothly would your business run without you?

Most business owners start their ventures to create greater wealth, freedom and happiness — to control their own destinies. They dream of achieving financial, professional and personal independence and use this to travel, relax, give back and enjoy their lives as much as possible. Many owners never fully realize their dreams even if their businesses […]


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