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Marcus Straub owns Life is Great! Inc. in Grand Junction. His personalized coaching and consulting services help individuals, business owners, executives and companies build teams, organizations and lives that are filled with happiness and success. He is the winner of the 2011 International Coach of the Year Award, and is also the author of “Is It Fun Being You?.” He is available for free consultations regarding coaching, speaking and trainings. Reach Straub by phone at 208-3150, by e-mail at or on the website at

How much do you care about your customers?

The more you and your team care about customers — and consistently demonstrate it — the higher their level of satisfaction with the products and services you provide. As a result, you’ll become not only the primary solution to fulfill their purchasing wants and needs, but also the well-deserved recipient of their gracious comments and […]

Are you empowering your team members to think?

Business owners and managers frequently ask me, “How do you teach people to think?” This is a powerful question, one which can pave the way to a significant improvement in results. The answer: By learning to become a mentor and effective communicator and encouraging your team members to think for themselves. If you want your […]

Does your business operate from a greater purpose?

There’s a commonly held belief in business that success is the result of selling as many products or services as possible at the highest price possible to as many consumers as possible to make as much money as possible. Following this limited perspective of success, however, leaves everyone involved feeling taken advantage of; vastly undervalued; […]

Is your resistance to change limiting you?

Change is constant in business whether we want it or not. Economies change, business environments change and team dynamics change. Life in general is about change. But if we habitually resist change, we seriously limit the potential of all that’s available to us professionally and personally.  A primary reason many people avoid change is because […]

Have you created balance between life and business?

A tremendous amount of time, effort, attention and energy goes into running a business. With everything there is to do, it’s easy for those who own a company to sacrifice many aspects of their life, if not everything, in the pursuit of success. There’s a tremendous benefit, though,  to everyone involved — business owners, team […]

Does your business culture build trust and loyalty?

Trust supports loyalty in your team members: If you have my back, I’ll have yours. Anytime trust between you and a team member is broken, any loyalty that existed is damaged to some degree. Once seriously damaged, it can be a lengthy process to rebuild loyalty. It might be  impossible. If you’ve been a business […]

Does your business stand out in a good way?

In any marketplace, exceptional companies stand out in a good way when they deliver high-quality customer service experiences on a consistent basis. Consumers typically have a variety of businesses from which choose in purchasing a certain product or service and are increasingly discerning when looking to satisfy their wants and needs. Consequently,  it’s more important […]

Will you enhance your team’s capabilities in 2017?

Individual capability expands, contracts or remains static depending on whether or not it receives the stimulation needed to grow and develop. “I’m in a rut” is a phrase born of languishing potential. Owners, team members and companies get in ruts, too, and this must be overcome if they’re to expand their capabilities. The way out […]

How do your customers feel about your business?

No doubt you can recall some experiences as a consumer that left you with good, if not a great, feelings about a business. The value you received endeared you to the company, creating loyalty and repeat business. The money and time you spent was well worth it and you walked away with a positive, satisfied […]

Do professional issues sabotage your personal life?

In my previous column, I elaborated on several potential negative side effects associated with bringing personal baggage to work. I described the fall even long-term top performers experience when they’re unable to effectively manage personal issues in the workplace. I also explored the domino effect these uncontrolled issues can have on fellow team members, customers […]


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