290,000 gallons of paint collected in recycling program

More than 290,000 gallons of paint were collected during the first six months of a recycling program in Colorado.

While the recycling program is free to participants, a fee has been added to the price of paint sold in Colorado to fund the effort: 35 cents for pint and quart containers, 75 cents for gallon cans and $1.60 for 5-gallon buckets.

In Grand Junction, Diamond Vogel at 2991 North Ave., Kwal Paint at 2801 North Ave. and Sherwin-Williams at 845 North Ave. serve as drop-off points where businesses and individuals can recycle unwanted paint. Co Op Country at 1650 U.S. Highway 6 & 50 in Fruita also participates in the program. For more information, visit www.paintcare.org.