A new development in green homes: Local developer plans first-of-its-kind subdivision containing all Energy Star rated homes

Craig Hall, Publisher
Craig Hall, Publisher

By Craig Hall

              On February 15, Senergy Builders held a ground-breaking ceremony celebration for the public and its subcontractors at its KC Farms Subdivision, located at 311⁄2 and E Roads. When completed, the development will feature eleven single family homes, all of which will boast the Energy Star rating.

            “This is a first for us as a company,” says Darin Carei of Senergy Builders, “We will be completing a subdivision where every home it contains has the Energy Star rating. We’re proud to provide homes were the focus is on high quality, along with money and energy saving features for the home buyers.  

KC Farms will be marketed by local realtor Christi Reece of Bray and Company Realtors of Grand Junction. “It’s exciting to be involved in this project where the homes are affordable, yet they also have upgraded features and fixtures for a better look and feel for the value conscious buyer,” says Reece.

Christi Reece of Bray & Company Realtor with Darin Carei of Senergy Builders

            Senergy will begin building the first two homes in the subdivision in March according to Joan Lowe, the general manager at Senergy. In keeping with Senergy’s tagline (the S in Senergy stands for Simply Better, Simply Smarter) the homes will have a cottage style and the yards will feature fruitless fruit trees to honor the Grand Valley’s fruit-growing history. Additionally, the homes will have Energy Star ratings in the low 50s, and while they may cost a little more to build, the homeowners should experience an annual saving of as much as $500 each year in energy savings, all in a more comfortable, low maintenance environment. Senergy is also partnering with local mortgage companies which specialize in Energy Star rated mortgages for perspective buyers.

            While KC Farms is Senergy’s first foray into a development where every home is Energy Star rated, the company has been committed to building Energy Star homes in its other projects.

            “When we took over the Brookwillow and Hall’s Estates developments, we committed to building Energy Star rated homes for the remainder of the project,” said Carei. And the residences in the two projects have been selling well according to Reece.

            “Over the past few months we have sold three homes and four townhomes. We’ve completed four more homes and two townhomes, with three more new townhomes soon to come.”

            Lowe noted that even though the excavation for the foundations for the homes in KC Farms will not begin until sometime in March, the homes are for sale now says Lowe. “They won’t be completed until June, but for interested buyers who come on board now, they are provided more choices in terms of interior finishes.”