A welcome prescription for change

Tired and frustrated with a system he believes has hampered rather than helped health care delivery, a Grand Junction physician has taken matters into his own hands. Starting in October, Dr. Craig Gustafson will offer unlimited primary care from Appleton Clinics for a single monthly fee of $79.

In switching to what’s known as the direct primary care model, Appleton Clinics will rely on monthly fees rather than reimbursements from insurance. 

But in the process, Gustafson will avoid the bureaucracy, regulations and overhead associated with insurance. Gustafson expects the change to give him the opportunity to concentrate on medicine rather than paperwork. But he believes the real beneficiaries will be patients who will enjoy far greater access to the common exams and procedures they need at what likely will be a lower cost.

The grassroots movement Gustafson has joined offers yet another example of the innovative free-market responses to an increasingly regulatory environment. We wish Gustafson success in his efforts.