Ag program joins forces with marketing effort

A program that for 15 years has promoted agricultural products from Colorado has joined forces with a new marketing effort promoting businesses.

The Colorado Proud program will continue to promote food and agricultural products grown, raised or processed in the state. A new sister program dubbed byCOLORADO will help producers  as well as nonagricultural businesses share their stories with consumers outside the state.

“Colorado Proud has been very successful and done great things for Colorado’s food and agricultural industry. The program will continue to promote local products to consumers within the state and brandCOLORADO’s efforts will support what Colorado Proud is already doing,” said John Salazar, state agriculture commissioner.

Colorado Proud was developed by the Colorado Department of Agriculture in 1999 to promote food and agricultural products. The program has grown to more than 2,000 members, including farmers, ranchers, food manufacturers, restaurants and retailers. The byColorado effort was launched in December 2013 to help stimulate economic growth and make it easier to “buy local” by promoting non-agriculture companies.

“Colorado Proud and byCOLORADO share a common goal and have been collaborating from the inception of this new program,” said Aaron Kennedy, the state’s chief marketing officer. “We are excited to help build upon the success of the Colorado Proud program to offer companies of all industries the opportunity to be identified with Colorado.”