An offer the governor can’t refuse

Here’s hoping the good folks who handle his schedule will soon find time for Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper to attend a proposed economic roundtable in Western Colorado. What initially was scheduled as an April 23 meeting in Grand Junction won’t work, so how about another day? By the time this appears online, perhaps a date already has been determined.

While the governor can rightly tout the economic rebound that’s occurred in Colorado, the Western Slope continues to lag behind the Front Range and other parts of the state in experiencing recovery. Despite the differences in population and, consequently, voters, Hickenlooper serves as governor of Colorado, not Denver. So his responsibilities extend to this side of the hill, too.

To be fair, Hickenlooper is undoubtedly well aware of the stubbornly slow recovery in Western Colorado and in all likelihood concerned. Now it’s time for the governor to meet face-to-face with West Slope representatives to talk about ways to correct the situation.