Animal hospital collects pet food and money in drive

Tiara Rado Animal Hospital in Grand Junction collected more than a ton of pet food and $1,000 in its annual drive.

Nearly 2,600 pounds of dog food and 380 pounds of cat food was collected during the drive, along with a total of $1,055 in checks. The pet food and money goes to the Community Food Bank of Grand Junction.

The Community Food Bank provides three-day supplies of emergency pet food for residents with pets. Donations from the Tiara Rado Animal Hospital drive provide the food bank with enough pet food for six months.

Since 2014, the Tiara Rado Animal Hospital has collected a total of 6,550 pounds of pet food and $3,200 in donations for the food bank.

Tiara Rado Animal Hospital is located at 2245 3/4 Broadway and provides a range of veterinary services. For more information, visit