Another government jobs program won’t solve any job problems

Craig Hall, Publisher
Craig Hall, Publisher

I know I’ve written that statement what seems to me a million times. And I’m beginning to think if I write it a million more, it will be just as effective on the people who believe government is the be-all and end-all to having every answer needed to mankind — which is not at all.

A case in point would be the fact that I probably just triggered someone by saying “mankind.” which sure beats the hell out of actually addressing in polite debate the facts about our politicians and just how far they’ll go for your vote.    

Today’s column was triggered by a headline from The Hill: “Sanders to announce proposal promising jobs to all Americans.” How un-original, Bernie. Not to mention how pathetic considering you’re channeling Dave from a movie in 1993.

According to the article, Sanders is in the “early stages” of creating this glorious answer to all Americans’ prayers. The jobs would pay a minimum of $15 per hour with health “benefits” to every adult American “who wants or needs one.” The plan would provide a job (read government job) or “required training” for any American. Now Bernie the Magnanimous hasn’t detailed how taxpayers actually would pay for his grandiose plans, but you can bet it involves ending tax breaks for the rich and corporations — the two groups that pay the most taxes.

If the article is accurate, and I’m sure it is given it’s about Democrats giving away taxpayer money, this will be an common promise from Democratic contenders for 2020. They need something since the Trump collusion has yielded no results.

Let’s break down the giant pile of dung. And who knows, maybe some of those who believe in the government knows all and should supply all will actually come to their senses.

For today, the #Fightfor15 movement is alive and well because Democrats have set the minimum at $15 an hour for what’s considered a “livable wage.” Truth told, the federal poverty level for an individual is about $18,000 a year. So let’s do some math. The minimum wage when multiplied out over a year is always just under the federal poverty level for one- or two-income homes.  So any raise given, such as to $15 per hour, would allow politicians to brag they “lifted millions out of poverty.” Once that is accomplished, the amount will change because Democrats will move the bar.

Worse, much of the politicians’ playing with the minimum wage has to do with unions, whose average wage is based on a multiplier of the federal minimum wage. So any increase in the minimum wage constitutes a payoff to most unions.

Lastly and most heinous is the fact the minimum wage’s history is based in eugenics. You know, the whole study of keeping the poor poor, stopping them from reproducing by making it impossible to have a family based on their incomes and killing off whole communities of “undesirables.”

While few might know any of the facts above, politicians do while also understanding people have little desire to know the facts. That’s why they can go around saying one thing while their results are the opposite and continue to run on failure after failure. They know beyond a doubt a certain part of the citizenry will desire what they promise to provide as a guaranteed vote. People will always vote their own interests if the government will confiscate or force it for them, even if it leads to tyranny.

And that’s why you get proposal like Dave’s (well, Bernie’s) coming up time and again. No matter how great they sound, they’e untenable and impossible. Proof can be found in the very Dave-esque line of “who wants or needs one.” Given the size and abundance of the “free” welfare benefits citizens and non-citizens alike enjoy in our country, who would want a $15 an hour job let alone “need” one? The fact is, there are whole swaths who have no desire to look for a job, let alone get one. It’s better economically not to work.

Lastly, Bernie’s jobs are government jobs, which means two guaranteed things. First, the top question on the application will be: Who did you vote for in the last presidential election? If you don’t believe me, read some history and find out which states got jobs programs under FDR, and you’ll see they were states that voted Democratic and these programs were overseen by Dem party hacks giving jobs to the folks who voted correctly. Secondly, all of these jobs will be union jobs, which once again feeds Democratic coffers that are money laundering schemes for the Democratic party.

Is it any wonder Bernie the Socialist and his party ilk are at the forefront if this kind of proposal? Not to me. Wealth-hating, envy, classism and helping the downtrodden are what Democratic candidates have campaigned on to fix the ills of our society for more than a century. And not one program the Democrats have put in place has done one thing in doing “something transformative” as the handpicked economist is quoted in the article. The again, the same guy believes in something called “involuntary unemployment.”

The only transformative thing I can see in this kind of utopia is how long it will take for Republicans to run on the same platform.