Another issue, more creative efforts

Another issue brings another opportunity to publicize the efforts of creative entrepreneurs in the Grand Valley. This issues features stories about Lee Mathis and how he’s literally worked with relish to expand the product line of his company. Grand Valley Magazine has expanded in a different way in its foray into the sales of locally made products.

Mathis long has made it his business to sell the decadent cheesecakes for which he initially named his enterprise. But he recently developed a twist on chow-chow, a sweet Southern relish to which he’s added the heat of peppers. Mathis hopes to introduce such other shelf-stable products as mustard, salsa and kimchi.

Grand Valley Magazine long has published stories about local artists and artisans. Publisher Krystyn Hartman decided to take the process a step further in actually selling the products they make online and in a new store.

We wish continued success to these creative entrepreneurs.