Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree with your family or your party

Craig Hall

Sorry Lunch Bucket Joe, or whatever your latest moniker is in your latest attempt to show unsuspecting voters you’re a man of the people. But this column reflects my hope and prayer your past and the past of your party has finally caught up to you and a party that’s spent the better part of your existence trying to destroy freedom and this country.

At the risk of the local communist begging for another advertising boycott, I’m going to highlight Democratic Party positions over the years in terms of the actions, institutions and ideals it’s supported.

Obviously, it was the party of slavery. It was the party of slavery to the point of secession (and the only party today talking about it if President Donald Trump wins re-election) and destroying the greatest nation on the planet in the 1860s. When secession didn’t work, Democrats turned to the Ku Klux Klan to carry out its racist agenda after it lost the war it started. When President Ulysses Grant took on the Klan, it morphed into the Jim Crow era bringing in poll taxes, separate but equal and government-sponsored racism.

Most, if not all, of the above was defeated by the party formed and committed to ending slavery: the Republican Party. History shows this in the Republican victories in winning the Civil War; electing the first blacks to Congress; relegating the Klan to a fringe, left-wing batch of psychopaths; passing citizenship amendments; and passing voting and civil rights acts. Heck, Republicans can even toss in women’s right to vote, balancing the budget with the Contract with America and tax cuts that spurred economic growth in getting us out of Democrat-policy recessions.

Republicans got so good at many of these — granted, the party is pretty feckless at the federal level now in allowing criminals to roam free in Washington — Democrats did the only thing they could do. They co-opted the Republican Party’s victories and agenda. But, alas, with all things Democrat, they took them too far and overstepped constitutional power.

Democrats have taken the Voting Rights Act to mean anyone at any time has the right to vote without proving who one is. Moreover, they’ve taken voting into the realm of finding magic ballots in truck beds, auto trunks and back storage rooms just in the nick of time following election day to bring about party wins. Democrats have taken the civil rights act beyond equal rights for all by creating specials rights for votes in darned near every arena they, and only they, define as “minority.” One of those “rights” is the massacre of babies known as Roe v. Wade, which should be the bane and embarrassment of our great nation to the Democrat party’s demise.

Today, it’s multiple mail-in ballots to the same person at the same address — or addresses in two states —and going to the Supreme Court to count ballots days and weeks after the polls close whether post marked or not. The Democrats have found a way to make hate groups like the Klan “right-wing” racist threats to our nation while supporting BLM and Antifa as these groups violate laws, burn cities and hurt and even kill other citizens. Democrats want to defund police. Democrats want to raise taxes because the taxes from a thriving economy are falling due to Democrats shuttering our economy. Democrats want to mandate a vaccine for a virus which — as time goes along during the “pandemic” shutdown — shows a
99.9 percent plus recovery rate. It’s no wonder Democrats prefer to be called “Progressives” — because Communists was taken and is still fought against in America by some of us. There’s so much more anti-freedom I could go into. But for this column, the preceding is about one point: This is how you get Joe Biden.

You get Joe Biden because no humans with a sense of decency can be for all of the Democratic Party platform without losing some of their soul each step along the way. Joe studied under the master “poison fruit” of the Senate, Ted Kennedy. Joe earned his bones destroying possibly the best candidate for the Supreme Court in Robert Bork — to the point of making “Borking” a verb.
Joe took those lessons into his personal, “high-tech” lynching of Clarence Thomas — an act so heinous it should have gotten Joe expelled from the Senate.

Joe honed his stealing skills via plagiarism across his career along with never meeting a tax increase he didn’t love. He’s been accused of inappropriate touching and sexual misconduct —sound familiar, Dems? He stood tall with segregationists and passed a crime bill that incarcerated blacks at an unprecedented rate. Other than these few things, Joe’s political career has little merit, unless one counts political gaffes and extortion or pay-to-play. Lastly, he’s the man who will shutter the country if it means increasing Democratic Party control. Joe is one bad apple.

Speaking of apples, Hunter Biden’s laptop should be the final nail in Joe’s political coffin. Hunter’s actions are obviously at the direction of Joe. Any decent man would withdraw. Sadly, Joe’s not.

And I can’t vote for him or his party.

Craig Hall is owner and publisher of the Business Times. Reach him at 424-5133 or publisher@thebusinesstimes.