Applications due Oct. 27 for agrivoltaic grants

Applications will be accepted through 5 p.m. Oct. 27 for funding for projects that combine solar energy and agricultural operations in Colorado.

The Colorado Department of Agriculture expects to invest $500,000 in agrivoltaic projects that include solar energy installations with crop production or livestock grazing.

“Adding solar energy development to working farms and ranches is a unique opportunity to create multiple benefits on a single piece of land,” said Les Owen, director of the Colorado Department of Agriculture Conservation Services Division. “Funding further development and research of agrivoltaics will support both Colorado’s producers and Colorado’s renewable energy goals.”

Grants will cover the construction of agrivoltaic systems, expansion of demonstration projects, research into the costs and benefits of agrivoltaics and education and outreach efforts.

The Agricultural Drought and Climate Resilience Office will administer the grants as part of an effort that also includes advocacy and marketing and technical assistance.

Grant applicataions, guidelines and additional information is available from