Are you building an empowered team?

If you want to be happier and more successful in business, it’s imperative that you, as the leader, consistently work toward building a dynamic and powerful team.

This is accomplished by putting motivated and skilled individuals in place and then working with them to use more of their tremendous potential on a consistent basis. This requires that you, and your managers, take on the role of coach or mentor to all team members to assist them in becoming empowered players so that they, your clients and your business will experience greater levels of happiness and success.

One of the surest ways to damage a business from within is to tear down or undermine team members and their efforts. This comes about through criticism, blame, lack of follow through, ineffective communication and simply not appreciating those individuals who make up the company. These behaviors lead to the undermining of self-worth and self-confidence and also undermine the leadership’s credibility with the team.

Consider the situation if the table were turned and you were the team member in a company where you were treated in this way. How excited would you be about going to work? How motivated would you be to perform at your highest level? How happy would you be?

Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton had this to say: “Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it’s amazing what they can accomplish.”

It’s true! Human beings thrive when praised for a job well-done. Recognizing a team member’s solid effort and working with them in a positive and constructive way to continue reaching for higher levels of excellence is the most effective way to help a person build self-esteem and confidence, which results in greater levels of performance.

At the core level, every human being wants to become more. Very often, the challenge is that they simply don’t know how and they have not had the benefit of a powerful mentor to help them along.

Most people are basically starving for appreciation and recognition and, because of this, have fallen into some degree of disappointment, despair and depression.

Empowering owners, then managers and finally each team member to become mentors of one another is a powerful solution to many of the ills experienced in business.

This is one of the objectives in the coaching and consulting work I do with businesses and business owners. Ultimately, I endeavor to teach all team members to become their own individual coach. Once this is accomplished, then very naturally they begin to mentor those around them from a position of integrity based leadership.

As each team member develops their own unique skills, the business runs much more efficiently and effectively, the work atmosphere grows more positive, turnover goes down, attendance goes up, client satisfaction improves and the bottom line grows.

Does this sound like the type of business you want to have? I suggest that you’re not that far from this reality.

As the owner, observe yourself during your interactions with your team members. Be honest with yourself in what you discover, both positive and negative. When you find that your approach is constructive, uplifting and helpful, stay with it and mentor those around you from this position. Conversely, when you recognize that your approach is not contributing to the positive growth and development of your team members, take the time to learn how you can be more effective in the future.

If you find yourself at a loss for how to do this — or in need of assistance yourself — explore your options and choose a coach or mentor that is best suited for you. There’s strength in engaging and using quality help. By doing so, you provide a powerful example for your team members to follow.

You have the wonderful opportunity to help your team members find and develop their strengths and to come alive as active and engaged players in your business.

If you’re thinking you must become a therapist to pull this off, rest assured this is not the case. Become a mentor instead, and work with your team members the way you would want them to work with you. Lead by example and your well-chosen team will follow you to new heights in your business operations.