Ariel Clinical Services earns healthy workplace designation

Ariel Clinical Services, an organization that provides a range of services through its offices in Grand Junction and elsewhere, has earned recognition for its efforts to promote workplace wellness.

Ariel Clinical Services received the Healthy Business Leader designation from Health Links Colorado, an initiative at the University of Colorado to implement and improve workplace health and safety programs.

Ariel Clinical Services offers services related to adoption, foster care, counseling and vocational training.

“With the addition of our wellness program, we are seeing improved teamwork, employees making healthier choices and a positive shift in our culture,” said Becky Hobart, chief executive officer of Ariel Clinical Services. “Receiving the Healthy Business Leader certification validates our efforts on several benchmarks and motivates us to continue to invest in our most valuable asset — our people.”

The wellness program at Ariel Clinical Services — called Ariel in Action — includes education and activities for physical, psychological and emotional wellness. Employees and their families are encouraged to engage in healthy lifestyles.

“No matter what obstacles or difficulties in life that hold employees back from this lifestyle, Ariel in Action strives to provide the tools and resources to help them overcome those challenges,” said Kelli Calhoun, wellness coordinator and agency training and development program administrator at Ariel Clinical Services.

Rebecca Weitzel, wellness coordinator for Hilltop Community Services and a Health Links advisor, said Ariel Clinical Services is among the first organizations in the area to earn the recognition, in turn exhibiting its commitment to employee well-being.