Many factors make Grand Valley attractive

We’re all ready to put the COVID-19 pandemic in our collective rearview mirror. Many businesses have closed — some permanently. A fragmented work force and degraded academic system are among just a few of the other aftermaths. The pandemic also has given us some time to reflect on our lives — a search for value […]

A look ahead to life and business after the pandemic

It’s been more than a month since we were ordered to stay at home to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Since then, we’ve quickly adapted to new ways of living, working and communicating. Walks around the neighborhood, online shopping  and video calls are now our new normal. But what will life — and business […]

Why Grand Junction? Investors recognize good reasons

Why Grand Junction? From the local peach farmer to the geospatial software developer, there are a lot of common reasons to choose Grand Junction. The lack of traffic congestion, affordability of housing, easy access to public lands, recreation mecca out our back doors and smiling faces on almost everyone you meet. These are lifestyle choices […]

Merger and acquisition environment changing

The merger and acquisition (M&A) environment constitutes the end result of many decisions made by individuals and companies. In reviewing recent history, we can try to identify trends that will affect the market in the future. Since the 2008 downturn, companies have struggled to remain profitable, and there wasn’t much in the pipeline for the […]

Renovations bring new faces to old places

What is it about Colorado that attracts the masses? Is it that we are a progressive state, setting examples for other states to follow? Is it the skyline that takes your breath away? Is it the thrilling rivers, endless hiking and biking trails, wildflowers, wildlife or four seasons that offer countless outdoor activities to enjoy? […]

Key to auction success? Bid prepared

Auctions have become a more visible, viable and frequent marketing option for ranches in the last few years, and it could be good for you. While many buyers view auctions as an opportunity to steal a good deal, they’re not that simple. The process could bite you badly if you’re unprepared for this style of […]

Demand growing for Grand Valley office space

The market for Western Slope office space is on the uptick. We’re seeing large holes in the market starting to fill and rents stabilize. The situation is much the same in the Grand Valley with such segments as health care, professional services and nonprofits dominating the market. Home to a growing baby boom population and […]