In the online world, traditional still works

Even in an era of social media and the imperative online presence for your business, integrating some traditional forms of media is an excellent use of time and funds. The cost of creating a direct mailing can be overwhelming to small businesses that have a small advertising budget. Direct mailings can be extremely effective whenexecuted […]

Events help generate promotional buzz

Creating “buzz” about a business poses a challenge owners can’t escape. Rarely does such word-of-mouth promotion just happen. But when it does, it’s amazingly effective. Most businesses must create their own buzz and word-of-mouth excitement. It takes strategy, quite a bit of creativity and usually involves giving something away.  This is where pseudo events come […]

Five easy — and cheap — ways to promote business

I’ve worked with businesses that have large marketing budgets and businesses with small marketing budgets. The thing that remains the constant among them is we always begin by implementing a few basic promotional ideas.  Here are the first five things you can do with minimal out-of-pocket expense to promote your business: Make sure you have […]

Got the write stuff? Always keep the customer in mind

When you’re working on marketing your company through any of the multitude of media available, adjusting your message to the audience and the medium is imperative. Writing sales copy often poses a daunting task business owners, managers and employees face when they’re drafting an advertisement, putting together a “tweet” or Facebook status or even writing […]

Effective sales materials a matter of good design

Many business owners and employees try at some point in their careers to design a newsletter, flyer or other sales materials — and then wonder why their versions aren’t as graphically appealing as others. There are a few simple tricks when you’re designing your own material that will make all the difference in the appeal […]

Marketing about consolidation, not exclusion

The first day of marketing class, the first 10 minutes, the professor explains the importance of a target market. And yet, in general, I would easily say three quarters of the businesses that hire me to work with them don’t have a firm target market lined out for the campaign when we begin our work. […]

Management can turn crisis into opportunity

Even with the best planning and a highly trained staff, crises occur at every business. It’s how you approach and manage the situation that determines whether or not it will turn into a detriment for your company or a wonderful opportunity for growth. Large companies experience crises on a national level and it’s visible that […]

Marketing all about promoting a conversation

When I’m working with a client to create a marketing campaign, one of the questions that always comes up is how to best present the company so prospective clientele is ready to buy. I have pondered this question for quite awhile to really process the methods that are most effective. One of the biggest changes […]

Marketing: Develop a plan, start it now and stick to it

As business owners, marketing takes up a great deal of our time and often becomes a great challenge as we move our businesses forward. Often when I’m consulting with a new client, they find their marketing challenges “hard” and often push them aside because the idea of unraveling the marketing puzzle is daunting. Unfortunately, no […]