Group legal plans offer benefits

You’re remodeling your bathroom, but your contractor didn’t finish the job and won’t respond to your phone calls. You need legal assistance to resolve the problem.  But after spending hours searching for an attorney, you realize legal help could be expensive — and you’ve already lost money on an incomplete bathroom project. This is a […]

Let’s talk reforms: Communicating with employees crucial

According to the results of one recent poll, 40 percent of Americans didn’t know the provisions of federal health care reform law remain in effect. That means an employer benefits communication program will play a more important role than ever in disseminating information about changes in health insurance. Employers are required to provide written notices […]

Questions and answers about health care reform

The ongoing implementation of federal health care reform legislation in the workplace naturally prompts questions from employees. Here are some of the common questions likely to arise, along with the answers: When do health care reforms become effective?  The federal health care reform law was enacted in March 2010. Changes will continue to go into […]

Communication key to successful benefits enrollment

A recent study of employee benefits trends conducted by Metropolitan Life Insurance found that employees who understand their benefits packages are three times more likely to respond they’re highly satisfied with their current jobs and employers. So what is good employee communication? Most of the benefit communication offered by employers occurs during an employee’s initial […]

Life insurance benefit affordable and appreciated

Since September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, it’s a great time for employers to consider an affordable benefit for their employees and perhaps review the benefits they offer employees. What is life insurance? Life insurance is often called “love” insurance, a product that pays out a financial benefit (also known as death benefit) tax-free to […]