Connecting the dots between the economy and education

Savvy business owners and managers recognize connections. They know best the crucial links between the products and services they provide and the customers who purchase them. But business owners and managers also see the relationships between economic and demographic trends. Stories in this very issue highlight the important association between the economy and education in […]

This is one kind of outing I’m not embarrassed of

Yes, I ended that with a preposition. It will be the first of many indulgences I seek from readers of this column. A few weeks back, I once again survived an annual rite of passage. It’s actually called “The Outing,” although none of the gentlemen involved in creating that moniker thought about the name at […]

Banking deserves balanced approach

Don Childears says Colorado banks often find themselves between a rock and a hard spot, between politicians who demand that banks increase lending to stimulate the economy and regulators who curtail that lending to ensure banks remain financially sound. Childears, president of the Colorado Banking Association, believes a more balanced approach is needed that both […]

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