SBA also stands for smart, bold and accessible

Government might be historically slow to adapt, but adapt we must. So, we’ve rebranded the U.S. Small Business Administration to stand for smart, bold and accessible. By smart, we’re harnessing the power of technology to bring the SBA fully into the 21st century. On the debt financing side, we’ve implemented LINC, an online SBA platform […]

Business planning also effective in short bursts

Many entrepreneurs envision business planning as a lengthy process that consumes too many hours and resources. Planning doesn’t need to be a marathon, though.  It can be done equally effectively in short bursts throughout the year. Here are some tips on engaging in a process I call micro business planning. Look at 30- to 90-day […]

How do you deal with problem customers? Fire them

Nearly every small business owner who’s run a venture for any length of time will have a story about the customer from hell. That’s right, the customer who wreaks havoc with the staff, the owner and even other customers.  In an age when a couple of social media rants by one person can start an […]