I-9 form compliance not difficult, but still essential

Way back in November 1986, the federal government instituted the I-9 as a form to verify employment eligibility. Nearly 30 years later as we discuss current employment policy with new clients, far too often we hear the question “What’s an I-9?” Even among employers who know about the I-9, many remain out of compliance.  By […]

Does your firm deliver memorable customer service?

In a marketplace that includes the Internet and pits national chains against locally operated businesses, the competition remains fierce. How do you compete against the corporate pocketbook? I might be oversimplifying matters, but I really think the answer is simple: You have to “out serve” the competition. You must deliver memorable customer service. If you […]

Changes coming in 2013, but not yet clear answers

As we move forward into 2013, there will be changes to your payroll and income taxes along with implementation of portions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). While many questions remain, here are some things we know for sure at this point.  One of the bright spots that we see in all of this is […]

Employers face rising unemployment costs

If you’re a business owner and not dead, you undoubtedly noticed your cost of employment went up by a significant margin this year. There are good reasons for the increases. In 2009, the administration in Washington, D.C., extended the term of unemployment benefits from 26 to 99 weeks. This was obviously going to cost a […]

You want to build a business – not just a job

I had a conversation with a gentleman recently about selling his business. His feelings were hurt when I told him I did not think he “owned a business” that had any value worth selling. My point is that lots of folks think they own a business when, in fact, they have just created a job […]

Payroll, tax and human resource compliance issues

“Compliance” issues are one of those subjects that most employers hope would just go away.  They are a moving target and very hard to stay up with.  In the first six months of 2012 alone there have been several state and over 30 federal law changes or updates that affect employers and employees in Colorado.  […]

Political expression in the workplace

             Based on recent polling, 78% of respondents indicated “No” to the question posed of: “Does your company currently have a policy or practice that permits or prohibits political related activities in the workplace?”  Being that it is a political year and there seem to be many hot button issues, […]

Advertising – is it true I can’t afford to do it?

As a business owner you will be pounded and harassed by everyone and their brother who has the “next big advertising thing” to sell you. It is always amazing and they are typically sold by inexperienced sales people who are only thinking about their own commission. That said – businesses have to advertise to survive. […]

Does your company deliver “memorable customer service?”

In today’s “Internet”, “National Chain” vs. “YOU the Local Guy” market place, competition is fierce!  How in the world do you compete against The Corporate Pocket Book?  I may be over-simplifying it, but I really do think the answer is simple.  You have to “Out Serve” them.  You must give what we call “Memorable Customer […]