Get on track with automated systems

As an employer, you have a lot on your plate. Between payroll, interacting with employees and trying to run the business, you find yourself stretched thin and unable to commit as much time to the things that are most important. When a supervisor can’t stay on top of a growing list of demands, employee engagement […]

To pay or not to pay? New rules govern internships

Many businesses for years have taken on interns to fill positions and paid less than minimum wages or no wages at all. I recently ran into a couple of college graduates who’ve been unpaid interns. Those meetings prompted me to clear up the rules on internships. And since the rules governing these relationships have changed, […]

E-Verify system and tips rule change

E-Verify, an Internet-based system, helps employers accurately and quickly compare the information a newly hired employee provides on the I-9 Form about employment eligibility verification. This information is compared against millions of government records and usually provides results in 3 to 5 seconds. If the information matches, an employee is eligible to work in the United […]

Do minimum wages make a difference?

Starting Jan. 1, the minimum wage in Colorado will rise from $7.78 to $8 an hour — a 2.8 percent increase. Regardless of the exact numbers, minimum wage remains a political football. There are those who seem to push for higher minimum wage rates nearly every year. It all sounds good if you’re the one […]

Employees vs. contractors: Get classification right

Does your business hire outside workers for some jobs? This could result in significant tax breaks if the workers are properly classified as independent contractors rather than employees. The key point is this: If a worker is an employee, your company must withhold federal income and employment taxes from his or her wages. Your business also is […]

Beware three factors that lead to business failure

It’s during challenging times like we’ve experienced over the last few years we see new blooms on the entrepreneurial tree. While it’s exciting to see new business dreams blossom, it’s sad to see dreams die.  In many cases, a business startup represents an individual or family cashing in of all or most of a retirement […]

Even with delay, Obamacare planning crucial

A blog on the Department of Treasury website announced a one-year delay on the mandate for businesses that employ the equivalent of 50 or more full-time workers to provide “affordable health care” for those workers. I found it interesting something as momentous as this was announced by a blog and not a presidential press conference. […]

Child labor laws turn minor violations into major problems

When summer comes around, many businesses find children knocking at their doors looking for work. In years past, child labor laws were pretty loose and businesses could hire a minor to do almost anything. As child labor laws have become more stringent, however, many employers have minors doing work well outside the allowed parameters.  First […]

Reducing turnover starts with the hiring process

High employee turnover is expensive and frustrating.   The cost of finding and training new employees to the point in which they actually make you money is staggering. On average, new employees don’t begin to make you money until their productivity reaches about three times wages. In many cases, that might not happen for nearly a […]

What’s the better policy: vacation or paid time off?

What’s the better policy when it comes to offering employees vacation time, sick time and paid time off? While the answer depends on the needs and goals of a company, the one certainty is good policy is good business. When I meet with business owners and managers to discuss vacation policies, we frequently discover their […]

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