Breastfeeding support benefits moms and businesses

Motherhood presents rewards and challenges. The challenges mount when maternity leave ends and new moms face a list of tasks, from finding affordable and trustworthy care to figuring out a pumping and nursing schedule for those who choose to breastfeed their babies. Returning to work can be a stressful time. Having a supportive workplace that […]

Pets in businesses a hairy issue

Everyone loves their furry, four-legged friends. But enjoying your pet doesn’t give it the rite of passage into a business. Pets in public spaces have become a polarizing issue with the increasing use of service animals and emotional support pets, confusing business owners about what’s allowed, what’s not and the potential liabilities involved. Even more […]

Who likes to bike? Observance peddles benefits of pedaling

Don’t miss your opportunity to experience the fun and freedom of using a bicycle for transportation and recreation. Grand Valley Bike Month in May offers a chance to ride to work, to school, and on errands. Bike month encourages bicycle riding as an alternative to driving. The observance offers activities for the entire family at […]

Employers can help beat the winter blues

As the days shorten and weather chills, it becomes harder to keep motivated to maintain a wellness routine.The combination leaves many of us some feeling sad or even depressed. Seasonal affective disorder — more commonly described as the winter blues — is characterized as feeling depressed and sluggish and could result in low energy, weight […]

Go green to save green

Promoting energy efficiency in the workplace  provides a variety of benefits, from improving operations and productivity to saving the environment — and money, too. Energy efficient equipment and maintenance services can seem challenging. But such simple steps as improving air quality, changing lighting and introducing a recycling program can improve the bottom line. Companies have […]

A shot in the arm: Vaccinations help curb costs

August is often associated with back-to-school preparations and what for parents often includes a big push for classroom supplies, new clothes — and booster shots. That also makes August a good time for employers to educate employees and their families about immunizations. In fact, August is National Immunization Awareness Month and offers an opportunity to […]

Like to bike? Observance peddles benefits

Grand Junction offers a place of beauty and diverse landscapes nestled in the Grand Valley between the Bookcliffs, Colorado National Monument and Grand Mesa. There’s so much to see in our backyards. What better way to experience it than riding a bike? June is Colorado Bike Month and constitutes an excellent way to celebrate the […]

Something to sneeze at: Allergies costly for employers and employers

Spring is in the air. Flowers are blooming, peach trees are budding and everything is flourishing. That includes the sneezes, wheezes and itchy irritation from seasonal allergies. Allergies can make getting through the workday a task in itself and cause lost focus and productivity. By one estimate, 19 million employed adults suffer from allergic rhinitis […]

Small business and public health sectors a profitable partnership

While you might not immediately pair small business and public health as collaborators, the two sectors inform and benefit each other. Every business leaves a mark on health. The products, services and policies of a business have the potential to help or hinder the health and well-being of employees, the community and environment. Many businesses […]

Take a break and return to work recharged

The sedentary routines, musculoskeletal disorders and stress associated with the workplace present major health problems that increase illness and lost time while decreasing productivity. Stepping away from the desk and taking full advantage of breaks help to counter these problems.  With constant deadlines and time crunches, taking a break from a project might seem counterproductive. […]