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Kelly Sloan is a Denver-based public affairs consultant, political journalist and energy and economic policy fellow at the Centennial Institute. Reach him by e-mail at

In affecting bond market, fallout from Colorado battle could spread far and wide

A little-known legal and political battle in Southeast Colorado has the potential to cause irreparable damage to the municipal bond market. Naturally, a radical environmentalist group has its lawsuit-green fingerprints all over it. In 2004, the Arkansas River Power Authority (ARPA) decided to convert an aging gas-fired power plant in Lamar to coal. Coal, you’ll […]

Local governments need watching, too

When it comes to the topic of governments overstepping their bounds, much of our attention is directed towards the federal and state levels — and with good reason. The last century has seen the size, scope and purview of the federal government gestate far beyond anything envisioned by the framers. Even as most of their […]

What’s NOT to like about presidential candidates

You know, maybe we’re kind of going about this the wrong way. The most common question currently asked among those of us in the political world is some variation of “Who do you like among the candidates for president?” The question implies an answer that goes something like “Well, candidate A is my guy or […]

Defining terrorism key, but so is response

Facts are emerging about those responsible for the mass shooting in California, and it’s clear the attack was an act of Islamist terrorism — to the surprise of no one, save a few college kids around the nation cowering and shaking in their safe zones and wondering what kind of micro aggression must have been […]

West Slope officials reviewing water plan

Kelly Sloan, The Business Times Although Western Colorado officials are still reviewing a new statewide water plan, they’ve already raised concerns about transmountain diversions and called for a broader approach to development. Moreover, any legislative action on the plan during the upcoming session could be premature. “We need a chance for legislators to digest this,” […]

Two tales of two places: one tragic, one ridiculous

The events in France shock and anger, yes, but a little less so with each report of some new terrorist act somewhere in the world. While one would hope the act of setting off bombs in major cities and shooting up restaurants, stadiums and concert halls will never garner a kernel of acceptance in the […]

Drainage district fees draw business outcry

Kelly Sloan, The Business Times Business and property owners attending a meeting to discuss new fees assessed by the Grand Valley Drainage District expressed anger and concern. They also suggested a change in district leadership could be in order. The Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce hosted the meeting to enable business owners to hear […]

“Bridge” to what’s right: Good guys really are

I rarely go to movies. Not for any particular reason. The medium simply doesn’t find its way into my life on regular intervals. Besides, I get all the popular entertainment I need just observing this frenetic little political universe I inhabit. Once in a while, though, I’ll take in a movie,  as I did recently […]

Before GOP debate, events focus on economy and tax policy

Kelly Sloan, The Business Times While the latest debate among Republican presidential candidates attracted the most attention in Boulder, several events leading up to the debate focused on economic and tax issues. The American Enterprise Institute sponsored a panel discussion titled “Your Money, Your Vote: The Biggest Economic Challenges Facing Republican Candidates and the Nation.” […]

Officials warn regulatory “storm” could hurt businesses

Kelly Sloan, The Business Times What’s described as a “coming storm” of federal environmental regulations could wreak crippling effects on businesses, according to officials speaking at a forum in Grand Junction. If enforced, those regulations would expand the jurisdiction of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency over rivers and streams as well as reduce emissions from […]


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