Thinking of selling? Preparing now pays off later

Business owners must remain aware of the things they can do now to ensure a rewarding sale of their companies later. Some considerations have long-term implications. Both qualitative and quantitative factors affect a prospective buyer’s decision to purchase a business as well as determine what to pay. Most of the qualitative analysis involves internal operations, […]

Here’s what to expect when you sell your business

Most business owners come to a point in their careers where they start thinking about exit planning. Planning could include everything from passing along the business to family, an employee buyout or merger or acquisition. In the event of a sale, there are some things an owner should know going into the process. Selling a […]

Buying a business offers higher returns, but also presents pitfalls

Business ownership constitutes an attractive prospect for people looking for not only profitability, but also flexibility. Many entrepreneurs and investors focus on creating wealth through startup ventures or such investments as bonds, real estate or stocks. They all offer benefits and risks. But buying an existing business — whether you’re paying with cash or using […]