Rent vs. own – is now the right time?

 We know you’ve been hearing it for a while; there just isn’t a better time to buy a home. But is there truth to this or is it simply a ploy to improve sales? As a mortgage professional and home owner, it is easy for me to say that there haven’t been many opportunities better […]

Veterans — thank you for your sacrifice!

In honor of Veterans Day, I am devoting an article to those courageous individuals who serve our country and protect our freedom. There is no greater reward than assisting our military personnel past and present, be that with their home financing needs or serving them a cup of coffee. These individuals are true heroes, and […]

Understanding the basics of mortgage loans

Today’s interest rates really are as low as they have ever been, and using them to your advantage is a great way to get ahead in the game. When choosing what to write in this article, it seemed natural to touch on something we deal with on a daily basis. The question: Is now the […]

Income, assets and a hair follicle please …

If you have purchased or refinanced a home in the past 24 months, you know exactly what I am referring to. It seems in this day and age of mortgage lending you are being asked for more and more with each loan application. Banks are trying harder than ever to mitigate losses, and requiring a […]

Down payment assistance valuable tool in recruiting and retaining staff

Have you wondered where money could be well spent to attract and retain quality employees while also keeping them motivated and happy? What type of bonus, benefit package or reward program would differentiate your operation from your competitors?  This is a constant struggle for business owners, one not likely to end soon. Finding talented employees […]