Balance business needs and employee satisfaction

Businesses operating in a world evolving at lightning speed must keep pace with technological and cultural changes to meet organizational goals and satisfy employees. Fortunately, doing what’s good for a company and what makes employees the happiest aren’t always mutually exclusive. It’s a matter of striking the right balance. Balance can mean the middle ground […]

Use rewards and recognition to engage employees

Employers strive to engage employees so they will thrive and remain committed to achieving company goals. An engaged and successful culture takes constant monitoring, continual support and employer recognition. When done correctly, recognition offers a useful tool to align employees to company values, attract talent, build a positive culture, improve production, retain top employees and […]

How to cope with post-holiday blues

It’s January and back to business as usual. Why do some people feel like they’re in a slump after the holiday season — with depression, irritability and low energy? A month of holiday celebrations that includes gatherings and time spent with families can cause stress and intense emotions, not to mention constitute a big departure […]

Will AI take the human out of human resources?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has made its way workplaces nationwide, changing how organizations operate and make decisions. In some cases, employees could use AI tools without their employers’ permission or knowledge. While this technology presents opportunities for organizations, including improved operations, work flows and customer experiences, AI comes with limitations and exposures employers should consider. Implementing […]

Soft skills increasingly important in the workplace

So-called soft skills deal with our ability to relate to one another and form deeper connections with colleagues and customers. Authenticity, compassion and empathy are some of the aspects of this ability to build a strong foundation for collaborative and innovative workplace performance. We might not believe the ability to genuinely care for each other […]

Sure you’re ready to terminate an employee?

A company’s potential legal risks can be directly related to how management handles terminations. While it might sound contradictory, it’s important to make the termination process as painless and positive as possible for both the employee and the employer no matter the reason. For employees, it’s crucial to preserve their dignity, which can help defuse […]

Failure to communicate perpetuates war at work

A silent war pitting quiet quitting against quiet firing rages on in the workplace. What are the catalysts for this behavior? The relationship isn’t always direct and could serve as an endless, tiring and unproductive feedback loop between employers and employees. We’re all aware of the increased buzz around quiet quitting. Workers do only enough […]