Lifestyle and diet changes promote brain health

Perhaps you know someone who’s been affected by dementia. Dementia describes a group of symptoms associated with problems with memory and reasoning. Many different types of dementia exist and many conditions cause them. Dementia is not a normal part of aging, though. It’s caused by damage to brain cells that affects their ability to communicate, […]

With sports nutrition products, first do no harm

Ready to up your game? Would you like to bike longer, run faster, be more flexible or improve your strength?  Do you lack the energy to work out every day?  Does it feel like it takes longer to recover after a rigorous workout? Do you golf nine holes and ride a cart when you used […]

Forget the myths: Soy offers health benefits

Asian diets have included soy for centuries, and there’s growing interest in the western world because of the versatility and benefits. Soy offers a super food for replacing meat and dairy in a highly digestive and low glycemic way.  The benefits of soy are numerous and have been studied extensively for safety and efficacy. It […]

There’s relief, naturally: 10 ways to treat allergies

Sneezing in public can draw some interesting looks these days. But it is, after all, a time of year that comes with allergens galore. Environmental allergens include pollen and mold as well as dust mites, mice and pets. Allergens constitute not only a nuisance, but also a serious health issue. Life-threatening allergic reactions called anaphylaxis […]

Beat the bloat: Eight tips for avoiding problems

Ever find yourself bloated after eating? Does your stomach stick out and you can’t breathe? Do you look like you’re eight months pregnant even after a small meal? What’s up with that? Between 10 percent and 25 percent of healthy people experience bloating, research shows. It’s particularly common in people with  irritable bowel syndrome and […]

Sick of staying home? Cleaning products could be cause

We’ve become understandably hypersensitive to cleanliness, germs and viruses. We’re told to wash our hands, keep our distance and stay home to slow the spread of the coronavirus that’s turned the world upside down. We’ve raided stores to stock up on paper products, cleaning supplies and hand sanitizer. However, the overuse of many products can […]

Supplements help to build immunity

Feeling sick? What’s the first thing you do? Pop a pill?  Research organic and natural solutions? If you answered the first one, you’re not alone. It almost seems like a standard measure. It’s a habit we picked up from our health care system. What we should ask is this: Why am I getting sick in […]

Use glycemic index for weight loss

Conversations about sugar abound. Consumers scour labels trying to cut down on this highly demonized carbohydrate. Sugar is touted as the demise of health, causing obesity, heart disease mood disorders, addiction and more. Some fad diets eliminate anything with sugar. That includes glucose, a simple sugar found in many foods. Do we need sugar? If […]

Need to reboot your body? Try a cleanse

We live in a toxic world. Each year, more than 5 billion pounds of pollutants are released into the environment in which we breathe, eat and live. Moreover, lifestyles that include unhealthy foods, inadequate exercise and sleep and financial woes lead to stress hormones that can wreak havoc on our bodies and digestive systems. If […]

Enjoy holiday cheer without the weight gain

If you’re having problems losing excess pounds or maintaining your ideal weight, expect an uphill battle at the end of the year. The holiday season brings a variety of social gatherings, from office parties to family get-togethers. These events are often celebrated with lots of food accompanied by sugary or alcoholic drinks that are difficult […]