Bank president: Survey results confirm customer preference for online banking

Pete Waller, president and chief executive officer of First National Bank of the Rockies, said the results of a survey conducted by the American Bankers Association confirm that most customers prefer online banking.

“It tells us that more consumers prefer the speed and convenience of conducting their banking transactions on the Internet,” Waller said. “It also tells us that consumers now have confidence in the accuracy and security of online banking.”

According to survey results, 36 percent of customers prefer online banking to other forms of banking. Online banking also was the preferred method for all customers under the age of 55. Among customers over 55, 33 percent said they still prefer to visit their banks, but 20 percent said they prefer online transactions.

“Online banking may now be the most preferred method of banking, but we are committed to providing the best customer service to all consumers,” Waller said. “Our bank will continue to provide the choice between branches, ATMs, telephone, cell phone or the Internet to conduct transactions — whichever our customers find most convenient.”

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