Bank security supervisor earns certification

Shanna Woods, physical security supervisor at Alpine Bank, has earned the Certified Regulatory Vendor Program Manager credential.

Woods completed an online course and passed an examination to earn the certification from the Compliance Education Institute. The course offers information about building, implementing and overseeing vendor management programs.

“I’m extremely happy to see that Alpine Bank has been proactive and had the foresight to build its staff’s competency in the area of heavy regulatory focus. This course is challenging, and Shanna did exceptionally well,” said Mike Kless, president of the Compliance Education Institute. “Vendor management will only continue to grow in importance. And by completing the CRVM course, Alpine Bank now has an enhanced level of knowledge to leverage in complying with guidance for third party oversight and staying ahead of the regulatory curve.”

In addition to vendor management, Woods oversees the physical security of the bank and plans disaster recovery. She joined Alpine Bank in October 2003 at the call center, where she developed a program still in use today and subsequently trained new employees. In 2008, she moved to the fraud department and also excelled there.

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