Being a character myself, I know what I’m looking for

Craig Hall, Publisher
Craig Hall, Publisher

As I write this column and the Business Times goes to press on a Tuesday, I’m prompted to write about two things that will be decided before most of you even read this: The Obamacare Supreme Court decision and our local primary race for Mesa County commissioner between Rose Pugliese and Woody Walcher. Yes, those things, and character.

As you know, I’m an ardent supporter of Rose Pugliese and her bid to become a commissioner. My decision to support Rose is really a very simple: I know her and like her. I know people who know Rose and they’re very solid citizens in my opinion, so that helps as well. Additionally, I have done business with Rose and that has been a quality experience. So supporting Rose was an easy decision.

As for Rose’s opponent, Woody Walcher, I can honestly say I don’t know him beyond recognizing his last name.

I know some folks who know Woody, and those reports to me are mixed. And so I needed to sort through that. So supporting Woody would not be an easy decision.

So why is this primary vote on my mind? The main reason is that despite the fact both Rose and Woody are Republicans, if Rose for some reason doesn’t win the primary, I simply can’t and won’t vote for Woody. That comes down to character, and Woody’s handling of his campaign is all I need to know about him.

I’ll give you one example. Yes, Rose did indeed form Florida corporations. They were corporations formed with her husband and father-in-law as they related to some business ideas her father-in-law had in mind. Her father-in-law also happens to live in Florida. So naturally, Rose used her knowledge of the law to create the most advantageous corporate setups for these entities. That’s not evil, it’s just plain smart. And that’s the kind of person I want for my county commissioner. You see, Woody, I took the time to look into the matter you insisted I look into from the little “no return address” envelope your campaign sent my office. And the only smoking gun I found is the one you used to shoot yourself in the foot.

Finally, the fact Rose has ignored Woody’s constant, inaccurate attacks is more than enough for me to know Rose has the character I’m looking for in a leader.

As for Obamacare, I’m praying the Supreme Court rejects every aspect of it as unconstitutional as I truly believe it is.

I say this for two reasons. The first is that health care and health insurance are none of the government’s business and therefore, the government has no constitutional authority to sticks its nose into them. Secondly, I see nowhere in the constitution that states the federal government can make you buy something. Sadly, there are those on the Supreme Court who indeed see this differently, as does our president. And yes, this comes down to character.

President Barack Obama’s character can be seen in so many ways that should give every freedom-loving person in this country pause. But let’s use a couple of recent examples as they relate to our southern border. Just look at what the Obama administration did after winning on three of the four arguments before the Supreme Court on Arizona’s immigration law. Obama decided that the one area of the law declared to be constitutional will no longer be enforced in Arizona by the federal government. That, folks, is what you can call passive-aggressive, punitive revenge against the population of a state and court that disagreed with you. As for the Fast and Furious scandal, the Obama acclaimed “most transparent administration in history” is suddenly hiding behind executive privilege. These are not the characteristics I want in the leader of the free world.

As for the Supreme Court, I worry about the decision on Obamacare as well. And that’s because of the character of the justices themselves. Now, you might find this partisan — and I’m guessing sexist when I’m done. But when I look at the background of some of the justices, you’ll see why I believe it will be difficult for them to come to a constitutionally based decision. Justice Ginsburg was the ACLU’s top lawyer. Justice Kagan was Obama’s solicitor general and actually worked on Obamacare in that role, yet didn’t recuse herself from hearing the arguments. Justice Sotomayor seemed to be helping the government’s lawyer with his oral arguments. Add in the ever-wavering votes of the other justices (this includes Justice Roberts’ vote on the Arizona law) as they relate to the constitutionality of things, and we could have the Supreme Court adding the straw that breaks this nation’s financial back.  Ideology above constitutionality is not a character trait I want in a Supreme Court justice.

Now, I know I don’t have the character needed to fill any of these positions I just wrote about. I just hope that our nation’s Divine character comes through in our votes and their decisions.