Believing all the hype will leave you deflated

Craig Hall, Publisher
Craig Hall, Publisher

As the one of the few, fearless, resident New England Patriots fans in Grand Junction, I have to just shake my head and laugh at the insanity of the news coming from the northeastern United States.  And as a reference to my last column, you can now count me among the folks who say, “I’ve never seen anything like it in my whole life.”

I’m talking, of course, about the before-a-snowflake-left-a-cloud-hype surrounding Super Mega Apocalyptic Storm Juno.

As I write this, there are literally millions of staunch liberal voters without electricity, food, fuel or hope, all roaming blindly in whiteout conditions while looking for Republican voters to cannibalize for their very survival. It’s so devastating in the Northeast that governors, mayors and bureaucrats have even grounded and forbid the mainstream news media from covering the devastation that has streets running blood red atop the virgin white snow. One can only hope we have enough armed forces left to contain this plague on humanity from spreading.

Wait. What? It’s over? And none of the predictions came true? Are you saying someone just plain made up this horrible scenario on purpose? Why would someone do that?  Well, that’s government for you. As  Emily Litella would say, “Never mind.” And sadly, most folks won’t one iota.

Look, I’m not saying we shouldn’t be prepared for a storm — winter, summer or otherwise. And I’m not saying folks aren’t suffering some devastation or loss as the result of this storm. But what I am saying is simple: Watch the weather, and if necessary, buy some food and prepare. Because I can sure as heck tell you, the folks telling you how horrible all of this is going to be are one thing without question: ill-prepared to handle even the slightest disaster. The only thing the government and bureaucracy do well in these situations is overhype what’s coming while telling people what to do for the peoples’ own good. Case in point, the reports are still coming in that roads are unsafe after a snowstorm (duh?) and that no one should travel. As if we didn’t know that travel should only be if necessary in the areas most heavily affected.

Here’s something I’d love to see in my lifetime. Just let the forecasts happen and see how the people do without all of the government interference, press conferences, dire warnings and  apocalypse droning we must endure hour upon hour. I would love to watch the people come out just fine and the politicians shut up. After all, somewhere in New York they’ve gotten a couple of feet of snow before. But hey, when you pay people to predict doom, you get doomsday reports — all brought to you by the same people who scream chicken little about child car seats being installed incorrectly 98 percent of the time even after 20 years and billions spent on correcting this unacceptable scenario.

Here’s the deal folks. When it comes to getting the best advice and the best take on any scenario, the source should be you and your experience “in your lifetime.” This is the time it’s important. You’ve lived through snowstorms if you live anywhere near where it, you know, snows. I lived through the Blizzard of ’78 when everyone in Michigan died. Oh, that’s right, we didn’t. Then again, pretty much Sonny Elliot got on TV and said it was gonna snow. A lot. And then we shoveled and went about our business. Yes school was closed for a week and I got extra hours at work at the store my bosses drove 25 miles from Toledo to open up in spite of the frozen hell mouth hovering over our region. Stores had bread and milk and eggs. Neighbors helped neighbors, and some neighbors paid us to shovel snow — the HORRORS! In other words, life went on. And it went on precisely because no one got on TV and told us what to do, to stay out of the way and let the professional government type folks handle it because they knew one thing: We never expected them to, and more important, we just plain knew they couldn’t.

Maybe it’s time to realize government is wrong 98 percent of the time, if not more. But in spite of its record on incorrectness, it’s somehow disproportionately trusted on every little thing in our lives. I think deep down, people know this, and that is why the government uses fines and arrest threats to enforce its being wrong. You would do well to remember he government loves criminals. After all, it makes so many of them. Plus, of the 2 percent government does right, hype and PR are at the top due to the very problems it causes and exacerbates, and in needing  to control people via natural disasters and things it can’t control. Government is power and force, pure and simple. And politicians are the end result for their love of both. But ask yourself this. Just how much worse off would the Northeast be today if none of the government hype, threats and warnings occurred? I would guarantee at least this: Nothing would have been different for those affected by the snow.

The only folks affected would be those seeking power and control. Well, and Tom Brady who oddly left a dozen balls behind for a later flight to Arizona.