Book details history of City Market and founding family

A book scheduled for publication in October will detail the history of City Market and the family that founded and operated the supermarket chain.

History Press based in South Carolina secured the rights to publish “The History of City Market: The Brothers Four and the Back Slope Empire.”

Written by Tony Prinster, the last member of the Prinster family to serve as president of City Market, the book details the lives of three generations of the family that founded and expanded the City Market chain. Prinster worked with local writer Kate Ruland-Thorne on the project.

“Research for the book began years ago,” Prinster said. “The more I discovered, the more I realized that at some time and in some way, I had to tell the whole story.”

Becky LeJeune, a commissioning editor for History Press, said the book preserves the heritage of Western Colorado. “The story of City Market is so much more than that of a business. It’s about the people who helped the company become what it was. And it’s a story about Western Colorado,” LeJeune said. “Amazingly, there was nothing else on the market about this company or the Prinsters.”