Brewery to make beer for a cause

A Grand Junction brewery has announced a partnership in which it will brew beer on a contract basis as part of an effort to raise money for river conservation in the West.

Kannah Creek Brewing Company plans to brew beer for the Many Rivers Brewing Company at the Kannah Creek production facility in Grand Junction. A public benefit corporation in Colorado, Many Rivers Brewing expects to use profits from beer sales to fund efforts to improve rivers.

“Since we love rivers, why can’t we do something like make really good beer and then give all the profits away to communities and organizations that do great river work, such as the Colorado Riverfront Foundation?” asked Tim Carlson, president of Many Rivers Brewing.

Katlin Birdsall, marketing coordinator for Kannah Creek, said the partnership is unique. “I hadn’t heard of any other breweries participating in a collaboration as innovative as this and thought it was a perfect opportunity for Kannah Creek to help provide a continual revenue stream to aid in river conservation.”

Kannah Creek brewers will work with Many Rivers to develop its flagship amber ale recipe. The beer will be brewed in 60-barrel batches about every four to five weeks for a total of 600 barrels for the first year. Many Rivers will offer this flagship beer for the first year throughout Colorado with eventual expansion into such other markets as Arizona.

Many Rivers Brewing is applying for state and federal liquor licenses. Once these liquor licenses are granted, brewing can begin. The first batch is expected in early fall.

Kannah Creek Brewing bottles a line of craft ales and also operates three restaurants in the Grand Valley. For additional information, visit the Web site at