Business helps clients clear out clutter

A new business helps clients clear out their clutter.

Spiffy Home Organizing helps clients get organized, whether it’s a closet, garage or home office. The business helps clients in deciding what’s trash, what can be donated and what to keep. In addition, the business can help clients organize and price wares for yard and estate sales.

“De-cluttering can be an overwhelming task no matter how big or small the job. Having an outside person to help you make decisions takes the stress out of the process,” said Pamela Krebill, owner of Spiffy Home Organizing.

Krebill said most of her clients are actually organized people, but with one area of their homes that requires attention.

“One client expressed how mentally draining it was to think about trying to sort and purge paperwork,” Krebill said. “She was dreading the day we started. But 20 minutes into the project, she could see the light at the end of the tunnel.

For more information about Spiffy Home Organizing or a free consultation, call 640-2630.