Business offers advertising on network of TVs

Two former print advertising consultants run a growing Grand Junction business offering advertising through a medium of a far different sort — a network of flat screen televisions that serve as indoor digital signs.

Dave Vogt and Jim Montoya operate Local Focus Digital Media. After a year in business, Local Focus has expanded with flat screen TVs at a total of 20 locations from Grand Junction to Montrose.

Local Focus places the TVs in locations that offer not only high traffic levels, but also what’s called “dwell time” — periods of 10 to 60 minutes during which consumers either are waiting or involved in other activities.

Using life pattern marketing techniques, the network of TVs is designed to reach people during their daily routines. Vogt and Montoya say research has shown that consumers are more receptive to advertising messages while they’re involved in their routines than at home.

The TVs also are located in a variety of businesses to allow advertisers to target specific demographics. The most recent locations include Rocky Mountain Convenience Stores and the Delta County Memorial Hospital.

Advertising on TV screens offers the flexibility of changing messages quickly to present fresh information about sales, events or activities.

In addition to displaying advertising for local businesses, the TVs display breaking news, local weather, and sports and entertainment news designed to captivate viewers.

Vogt and Montoya say they expect digital signage to play a growing role in the way consumers shop and spend.

For more information about Local Focus, call 261-4319 or log on to the website located at