Cabinet manufacturer offers kitchen “test drive”

Osburn Cabinets & Design in Grand Junction offers a free service that allows customers a computerized version of a test drive to try out various kitchen designs and building materials before spending a dime.

The Visualize 2 Realize virtual kitchen system allows customers to see what their kitchens would look like with materials they select.

“As a manufacturer and provider of residential and commercial cabinetry and architectural millwork, we believe this is one more way to assist our customers when making such a large investment,” said Jesse Osburn, general manager at Osburn Cabinets & Design.

Using a computer monitor, customers select a kitchen style and layout similar to what’s in their own home and then change various aspects of the design. They can choose cabinet doors, drawer fronts, hardware, countertops, walls, floors, appliances and accessories. The Visualize 2 Realize system lets customers see what brands, styles, colors, shapes and textures work together and look like before making the financial commitment to remodel or build a new kitchen. The system features products from several major manufacturers.

Once customers are finished with their virtual kitchens, they can e-mail the specifications to themselves as well as print out color images. Customers can use this system to visualize a basic design as well as take advantage of the custom manufacturing capability at Osburn Cabinets to personalize their kitchen even further.

 Located at 682 W. Gunnison Ave., Osburn Cabinets & Design manufactures custom residential and commercial cabinetry as well as architectural millwork. For more information, call 243-5802 or log on to