Car wash re-opens under new ownership

Canyon View Car Wash has re-opened under new ownership.

Real estate developer John Pugliese purchased the business in the Redlands area of Grand Junction earlier this year. Canyon View Car Wash was constructed in 2008, but had been closed since it went into receivership in 2013.

“Owning a car wash is something I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve liked the business ever since I worked in one as a teen-ager,” Pugliese said.

The business is well suited to his strengths, Pugliese added. “I like the mechanical side, I like cars and I like talking to people.”

Pugliese said he was especially pleased to buy Canyon View Car Wash. “It is a beautiful building in a beautiful location. The stars aligned and the opportunity opened up, so I took it.”

The investment has been a profitable one, he said, even more so than he anticipated. “I figured I would have to subsidize the business for the first six months. But in the first month we covered our expenses and then some.”

He attributed success to the location and a loyal customer base. “The people up there are loyal and like coming to the car wash. If I keep it clean and functional, people will keep coming back.”

A few issues have arisen, though. “There have been some problems with our credit card readers,” Pugliese said, but added the software glitch soon should be fixed. “I expect the system to be 100 percent reliable for my customers.”

Pugliese said he soon will launch an advertising campaign and offer discounts, including a free vacuum and mat wash with every automatic wash.