Conflict: Friend or foe for business?

Conflict isn’t all bad, especially when it comes to clearing the air and promoting innovation. If properly handled, conflict can lead to increased trust in working relationships and improved processes. If businesses mishandle conflict, though, it could hurt the workplace. Poor communication hinders productivity and morale and fosters distrust. If managers lack training in how […]

When there’s no place like home, deductions available

Working from home has its perks. You can skip the commute, wear comfy clothing and enjoy a more flexible schedule. You also might save money on your tax return. Deductions for home office expenses could save you a bundle if you meet the qualifications. The home office deduction is available to homeowners and renters and […]

With balance, success and happiness are possible

A tremendous amount of attention, effort, energy and time goes into running a business. With everything there is to do, it’s easy for those who own a company to sacrifice many aspects — if not the entirety — of their personal lives in the pursuit of success and happiness. There’s no real benefit to working […]

Get moving: Employers can promote healthier lifestyles

If you’ve ever browsed through your parents’ or grandparents’ high school yearbooks from the 1950s, you’ve probably noticed a couple of things. First, everyone looks like they’re 30 years old. Second, almost no one is overweight. While clothing choices and hairstyles likely explain the first observation, what about the second? Why have obesity rates increased […]

Commercial real estate outlook upbeat

Where is the Grand Junction and Mesa County commercial real estate market headed in the next year? A lot of celebrated economists predict a slowdown in the commercial market going into the year 2020. Are the best days of investing in commercial markets behind us? Is it time to throw in the towel and sell […]

Follow these timely tips to keep fit this fall

Fall can be a season when exercise routines waiver. It’s no longer summer, but not yet winter. It’s too cold to continue with many of the summer activities you enjoy. You could even become a little blue with the realization summer and your favorite activities are over for a while. Still, fall brings with it […]

Go global: A wide world of opportunity awaits

Have you ever considered “going global” — taking your business to the next level by seeking international opportunities? Here are a few things to consider or explore. One of the first places to start is to identify potential opportunities. Visit the United Nations Global Marketplace website at Registration is simple. You don’t usually need […]

Do you take your professional baggage home?

In my previous column, I enumerated the problems associated with bringing personal baggage to work. I described how even top performers can stumble and fall when they’re unable to effectively manage their personal issues in the workplace. I also elaborated on the domino effect these uncontrolled issues can have on workplace culture, fellow team members, […]

Healthy community depends on making connections

What makes a community thrive? According to the speakers who’ll participate in the Community Impact Council’s upcoming State of the Community events, connectedness is at the heart. The Community Impact Council is a coalition of business, government and nonprofit organizations that support the nonprofit community in Mesa County through advocacy, education, networking and training. A […]

What employees want: Rewards part of answer

Times have changed. Simply offering a paycheck to an employee is no longer enough. With the U.S. employment rate at 3.7 percent, human resource professionals understand the challenge in recruiting top talent and retaining those employees once they’re on board. Even as generations shift from just wanting a paycheck to wanting a balance between work […]