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Advice from a journalist: Don’t mess with stress

Stress constitutes something of an occupational hazard for journalists, an affliction that varies in severity depending on how much work must be completed and how quickly. During those precious carefree moments after one deadline has passed and the next deadline poses only a distant threat, stress barely registers one on a scale to 10. Just […]

Assistance programs offer workplace win-win

Not long ago I was talking with a friend about the difficult experience of trying to find care for her elderly father, whose dementia had progressed to the point he could no longer be left alone. It was time-intensive and emotionally draining. With a full-time job and children still at home, she felt overwhelmed. As […]

Do personality conflicts damage your business?

The effective and efficient flow of information is critical to consistently meeting and exceeding the wants and needs of customers, foreseeing challenges and overcoming obstacles. The smooth flow of information also is essential to the production and timely delivery of high-quality goods and services. When communication is limited or even impossible because of personality conflicts, […]

All work and no play or just the opposite: What’s just right?

Goldilocks had it right all along. Not so much the break-in that surprised the three bears, but her quest to experience the satisfying equilibrium that’s just right. Her desire applies as much to porridge and chairs as it does to beds. And, as it turns out, to work and free time. Suppose Goldlilocks works as […]

Raise the barre: Work out and stretch out

The first time people hear about barre fitness, their reaction is usually to ask, “I don’t understand. Do you drink while you’re exercising?” While this response makes for a humorous pun, the fact is what was created in 1959 as a rehabilitative therapy exercise system using ballet barres has developed into a mainstream fitness modality. […]

Planning process a worthy endeavor

The City of Grand Junction plans to conduct a series of meetings to consider a new master plan for the city and Grand Valley. The meetings will allow various stakeholders in the community to weigh in on how they’d like to see the city develop and grow over the next 10 to 20 years.  I […]

Eight rules for building successful teams

Many people hate team projects, and understandably so. When you bring individuals from different backgrounds, cultures, experiences, ethical values, ethnicities and religions together, conflict is bound to occur. Some people are pushy and some apathetic. Some stubbornly cling to their own agendas, while some lazy free-riders think they can skip out on the work and […]

By all means, use news releases to toot your own horn

Nearly every time I go on an advertising sales call, two things come to the forefront. First, almost every potential client — and worse, almost every current or past client — asks the same thing. “How do I get a story in your paper?” That makes my brain go back to an adage I read […]

Reduce costly turnover with Job Benchmarking

Wise business owners endeavor to reduce the high costs of turnover and maximize their return on investment with new hires. Still, businesses experience turnover for a variety of reasons, and the expenses associated with finding, hiring, training and developing new team members are very real. Studies have estimated the cost of turnover to range from […]

Tap the power of discomfort

Here in Colorado, we enjoy the majestic beauty of mountains all around, including more than 50 peaks that jut into the sky to more than 14,000 feet in elevation. Many people, including myself, consider it a gift to climb these “14ers.” I didn’t always enjoy climbing, though. In fact, until about 10 years ago, I […]


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