Resolved to do better in 2019? Here are five tips to help

What’s your resolution for 2019? What’s your business resolution, that is? What do you hope to accomplish at work during the coming year? Most business owners and managers just naturally strive to do better in one fashion or another: to better manage employees and processes, provide better products and services to customers and ultimately make […]

2019 report forecasts days merry and bright

Christmas comes early in the latest version of an annual forecast characterizing the business and economic outlook for Mesa County in 2019 as not just positive, but “extremely positive.” That’s the verbatim summary of a section on Mesa County in the 2019 Colorado Business Economic Outlook compiled by the research division of the Leeds School […]

Recognition well-deserved

The Business Times extends its congratulations to Robert Bray for his selection as one of the latest recipients of the Bill Daniels Being a Difference Award. The honor couldn’t be more prestigious — or well-deserved. Bray, chief executive officer of Bray Real Estate in Grand Junction, personifies the goal of the awards program in recognizing […]

What do candidates think? Ask them

There’s one straightforward way to find out what candidates running for elected office think about various issues: ask them. While the Q&A exchanges that frequently occur during candidate forums can be enlightening, it’s even better to have candidates commit their responses to writing. That way they can express their opinions in their own words, and […]

The future of business is in the hands of children

Here’s something upon which everybody should agree, even in a partisan environment in which politicians and political parties seem more intent on doing what’s best for their interests than what’s best for their constituents. Children are our future. Nelson Mandella put it this way: “Our children are the rock on which our future will be […]

On the other hand, outlook remains encouraging

The maddening thing about economics is there’s always more than one way to look at the numbers. On the one hand, the latest unemployment rate in Mesa County rose another three-tenths of a point in July. On the other hand, rising sales tax collections in the county and City of Grand Junction, reflect increasing retail […]

This diversion an opportunity

There’s growing evidence a transmountain diversion of a different sort is under way in Colorado. Weary of fighting traffic and paying the increasing costs of renting and buying housing in the Front Range and Denver, people are moving to the West Slope and Grand Junction. Certainly some of the migrants are retirees who cash out […]

The case for a tax increase

It’s purely coincidental this issue of the Business Times includes stories about a proposed increase in lodging taxes and the remarkable efforts of a woman who’s work over the past 27 years has been funded with lodging taxes. The Grand Junction City Council didn’t vote to put the lodging tax increase on the ballot until […]