CenturyLink expanding broadband services

CenturyLink has expanded its high-speed internet services to a total of more than 28,000 businesses and households in about 150 Colorado Communities.

CenturyLink announced that about  14,000 of those businesses and households are located in areas designated by the Federal Communications Commission as high-cost and eligible for support under the Connect America Fund.

The company was also able to improve broadband service and speeds to another 14,000 customer locations not funded under the CAF program.

CenturyLink has made investments and constructed new broadband infrastructure that enables internet access speeds of at least 10 megabits per second, the minimum speed required by the FCC.

Some customers can access speeds up to 80 megabits per second in communities designated by the FCC as high-cost areas under the CAF program.

This investment continues a broadband expansion program begun in 2015 when CenturyLink committed to increasing broadband speeds of at least 10 mbps download and 1 mbps upload to more than 50,000 rural households and businesses across Colorado.

“Improving broadband access in rural areas is a critical goal in Colorado,” said Anthony Neal-Graves, executive director of the Colorado Broadband Office. “We need to ensure that federal funds that have made this investment possible, along with private investment, make the biggest impact in our state.”

Guy Gunther, vice president of operations for CenturyLink in Colorado, said the company remains committed to connecting people to the digital world. “Our promise is to continue our investment in our Colorado network, providing fast and affordable high-speed internet to customers across the state and helping to close the urban-rural divide.”