Coloradans encouraged to nourish ag industry along with themselves

Kate Greenberg

Colorado residents can support in a variety of ways the farmers and ranchers who continue to put food on their tables in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, according to Kate Greenberg, Colorado Commissioner of Agriculture.

“Thanks to our producers and workers across the state, our local food system is abundant, and our supply chains are healthy. This is a moment for us to continue coming together to support Colorado agriculture and buy local food,” Greenberg said.

Wendy White, marketing specialist with the Colorado Department of Agriculture, said buying local foods helps an important economic driver.

“Every bite is helping our state,” she said.

White suggested some ways for Colorado residents to nourish not only themselves, but also farmers, ranchers and businesses:

Order meals from Colorado chefs and restaurants. Restaurants continue to serve meals for delivery or takeout. Some farm-to-table chefs are recognized for using local ingredients.

Drink Colorado wine, beer and spirits. Liquor stores feature Colorado beer and wine sections. Breweries offers online ordering. Wineries are open for pickup and many ship orders.

Support Colorado livestock producers. Look for Colorado beef, lamb, pork, bison and poultry or order directly from local producers.

Pick Colorado-grown produce. Look for the Colorado Proud label that identifies a particular piece of fruit or vegetable was grown in the state. Check out what local produce is in season.

Buy direct from a Colorado wholesaler. Many local companies sell food and products directly to consumers. The website at offers a list of companies participating under the wholesaler category.

Cook recipes with Colorado-grown ingredients. With people cooking more than ever, why not pick a recipe made with locally grown ingredients?

Send Colorado-made gifts to friends and family. How about a Colorado gift basket for local friends or even out-of-state family that needs a smile and something delicious? Check out this directory of Colorado-made gift companies that ship at the Colorado Proud website.