Colorado gets $92 million in federal disbursements

Colorado received a total of more than $92 million in federal energy and mineral production disbursements, according to figures from the Interior Department for the 2017 fiscal year.

The total constitutes an increase of more than $8 million from the previous fiscal year. The funds come from oil, natural gas and minerals extracted from federal and Indian lands. Colorado ranked third for federal revenues for the 2017 fiscal year.

Nationwide, Office of Natural Resources Revenue disbursements totaled $7.11 billion, an increase of nearly $1 billion from the previous year. Of that, ONRR disbursed nearly $1.44 billion of the energy revenues to 36 states as their cumulative share of revenues collected from oil, natural gas and mineral production on federal lands within their borders and from offshore oil and gas tracts in federal waters adjacent to their shores.

The $7.11 billion disbursed nationally compares to $6.23 billion the department disbursed in the 2016 fiscal year. The increase in disbursements was attributed to a larger number of lease sales totaling higher acreage, efforts to streamline permitting and reduce regulatory burdens and higher oil and gas prices experienced during the year as the economy and exports have expanded.

Since 1982, the ONRR has disbursed more than $294 billion in mineral leasing revenues. The ONRR makes most disbursements on a monthly basis from the royalties, rents and bonuses it collects from energy and mineral companies operating on federal lands and waters.