Colorado workers tops for earning and using vacation days

Colorado workers both earn and take more vacation days than workers in any other state, according to the results of a national survey.

Colorado workers earn an average of 27.9 vacation days and take an average of 20.3 vacation days a year, according to a report from Project: Time Off and AAA.

“There are undeniable benefits of using the vacation days you’ve earned,” said Skyler McKinley, a spokesman for AAA Colorado. “If you use your vacation days, you’re more likely to like your job and your company than if you don’t. You’re also more likely to be promoted or receive a raise or bonus.”

Project Time Off is an effort of a coalition of organizations committed to changing the thinking and behavior of Americans about vacation time. The coalition estimates putting wasted vacation days to use would provide a $236 billion boost to the economy while improving the health, happiness and careers of workers.

More than 4,300 workers across the United States who receive paid time off from their employers were surveyed.

Colorado workers responding to the survey ranked paid time off and health care plans as their top benefits.

Colorado workers said they use on average 57 percent of their vacation days for travel — at 11.7 days second only to Virginia workers at 12.2 days. Workers in New Jersey spend an average of  11.1 vacation days for travel.

Colorado workers also identified some barriers to travel — 85 percent ranked cost as the top barrier and 57 percent cited pets as the No. 2 barrier.

Across the United States, workers earn an average of 23.2 vacation days a year and take an average 17.2 vacation days.

At 18.9 days and 18.8 days, respectively, workers in Virginia and Arizona ranked second and third for using the most vacation time. In contrast, workers in Montana take on average 16.3 vacation days, while those in Delaware and Rhode Island take on average 16.5 vacation days.